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Stock management software is useful for storing, ordering, tracking and controlling of products/items status. It is a system where you can inward your material and get reports of all available products and material in your warehouse or storage system. As well as when you outward any product or material it will be deduct from your current stock and you will get the appropriate digit of current stock. This stock management software has numerous features to manage stock in multiple warehouses. We provide tailor-made stock management software to your business to handle it seamlessly. PixelAtom Stock management system is available at best price in India with all latest features.

When you are facing trouble to manage your stock of multiple location warehouses then our system can manage your all the headache. Stock management is really helpful for all type of business model like manufacturing companies, trading or wholesale business, and retail business. Our stock management system enables you to manage multiple users and multiple warehouses. This system is completely online so any user can access from anywhere. It has all the masters of products category, products and vendors so you don't need to enter every time it manage itself.

PixelAtom WEB DEVELOPER is one stop solution for your stock management software. Our skilled and expert developer easily understands your business model and develop a seamlessly system for your business within given timeframe. If you want any need of this software kindly drop us an email or contact us on given number our executive provide you complete details about software development and discuss pricing of stock management software.

Stock Inventory Control

  • Define Product Grouping System
  • Generate Product SKU/Product Code
  • Product Unit/attribute/Variant System
  • All Product as per Stock Level (Min, Max, Reorder Qty)
  • Product Stock Level Status and Notification
  • Product Category Stock Level status
  • Product Movement Charts

Supplier and Customer Integrated On System

  • Create and Update Supplier (Vendor)
  • Create and Update Customer (Vendor)
  • Manage Vendor by Inventory
  • Vendor inward/Outward Tracking Report
  • Inward Order To Supplier Inventory Report
  • Outward Order To Customer Inventory Report

Sales Order Workflow

  • Generate Sale Order Request by order ID
  • Manage All sale Order
  • Sale Return order System
  • Sale Order Ledger (Date To Date Selection)
  • Sale Order by Product wise Report
  • Sale Order by Customer wise Report
  • Return Order records list
  • Automation Quantity Control as per SO
  • Export All Sale Order by Excel CSV
  • Order History Details
  • Sales report by time period
  • Analyze the performance of Sales Summary
  • Customize report with (Product, Customer, Grouping)

Purchase Order Workflow

  • Generate PO Request by Challan/Invoice By Supplier
  • Manage All Purchase Order
  • Reordering items system
  • Purchase Order Ledger (Date To Date Selection)
  • Purchase Order by Product wise Report
  • Purchase Order by Supplier wise Report
  • Automation Quantity Control as per PO
  • Export All Purchase Order by Excel CSV
  • Order History Details
  • Purchase report by time period
  • Analyze the performance of Sales Summary
  • Customize report with (Product, Customer, Grouping)
Stock Management Software

User Setting Control

  • Create/Update Admin User
  • Manage Multi Operation User
  • Manage password By user

Stock Management System

  • Tracking Stock Items/Product Stock by Quantity
  • Product Stock Level
  • Stock Alert (Low Stock , Sufficient Stock)
  • Product List below Low Stock Reporting
  • Item Stock Threshold by Minimum, Maximum and Reorder
  • Quantity Add and Deduction fully automation
  • Stock Movement charts and Summary
  • Incoming order and outgoing order management

Reports and Analytics

  • Sophisticated search capability of sale/purchase order
  • Incoming Order List Report
  • Outgoing Order List Report
  • Product wise Sale/Purchase Summary report
  • Item Stock On Hands Status Report
  • Current Items/Product Avalibility
  • Stock Level Threshold Report
  • Return Order checking ledger report
  • Sales Order Report by Customer
  • Purchase Order Report By Supplier
  • Supplier Analytics Summary

Purchase Order Management

Create PO, Manage PO and all reports of purchase orders with export facility in excel or PDF format

Sales Order Management

Automated sales order with stock control. It allows to generate automatic sales order on low stock material.

Stock Management

Get latest reports and stock alerts for moderate stock, sufficient stock and low stock quantity.

Multibranch Management

Our Stock management software is web based so it allows you to operate more than 1 branch from dashboard

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