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Today it is tough to manage live inventory report for any SME or enterprise business. We present the superlative inventory software for your business at SME price. This software built to track available stock, moderate stock, sufficient stock or reorder stock. There are so many other features that can help to manage your inventory on centralize system with all available reports. Our inventory software design for all type of business models like manufacturing companies, trading companies or retail business. We have extensive team to develop all type of inventory management software with possible customization and modification. It also works with warehouse management system to track and reorder low stock products and manage live inventory of any business.

Inventory management system plays a vital role to boost your sales and productivity. This system helps to scale your business with real time reporting and status of all ware houses. Admittedly, we collect all the operation information from your business model and develop customized online Inventory software your running business. This software has large ranges of features and functions that help to manage your inventory on your fingertips.

At PixelAtom WEB DEVELOPER we developed numerous inventory systems for our esteemed clients. Our experience makes us a headman of this field to provide seamlessly services. If you are willing to develop inventory management software then drop us an email or call us on our contact number you will definitely get befitting software for you.

Features of Inventory Management Software

Product grouping Management

  • Manage Product Category
  • Manage Product
  • Product Unit System
  • Product Reorder/Stock Alert System

Vendor Manage Inventory

  • Create and Update Supplier (Vendor)
  • Create and Update Customer (Vendor)
  • Manage Vendor by Inventory
  • Vendor inward/Outward Tracking Report
  • Inward Order To Supplier Inventory Report
  • Outward Order To Customer Inventory Report

Material Inward Management

  • Material Inward By Challan/Invoice No
  • Manage Inward Stock
  • Inward Ledger (Date To Date Selection)
  • Inward Product wise Report
  • Export Inward Material by Excel CSV
  • Inward History Details
  • Purchase Inward Order Report By supplier

Material Outward Management

  • Material Outward By Order ID/Challan No
  • Create Outward/Sales Order
  • Return Order System
  • Return order history report
  • Outward Order Ledger (Date To Date Selection)
  • Sales Outward Product wise Report
  • Export Outward Material by Excel CSV
  • Outward/Sales History Details
  • Sales Outward Order Report By Customer

User Setting System

  • Create/Update Admin User
  • Manage Multi Operation User
  • Manage password By user)
Inventory Management Software

Inventory System

  • Tracking Inventory Material Stock by Quantity
  • Product Stock Status
  • Stock Alert (Low Stock , Sufficient Stock)
  • Product Reorder/Purchase Alert
  • Product List below Low Stock Reporting
  • View anytime Stock By Material Items/Product
  • Update/Manage Min/Max/Reorder level

PO (Purchase Order) Management

  • Generate PO
  • Manage Purchase Order
  • Pending PO List
  • Verify PO / GRN (Goods Receive Note)
  • PO Export By PDF
  • Purchase Order Report (Date to Date Customized)

Report and Analytics

  • Inward Order List Report
  • Outward Order List Report
  • Product wise In/Out Ward Summary report
  • Item Stock Status Report
  • Stock Level Report
  • Return Order details
  • Vendor wise Sales/Purchase Reporting
  • Vendor Analytics Summary

Products Management

Manage products with unique SKU code and groups like category, subcategory and other

Inward/Outward Management

Manage products inward and outward with best time saving manners. Get all reports and challan copies

Inventoy Management

Inventory reports with low stock, sufficient stock and reorder stock reports.

Analytics & Reports

Check all reports and graphical analytics for products and stock reports

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