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PixelAtom Hotel Management software is hotel booking and hotel management software. It is end to end solution for operate hotel with all the required features like booking management, guest management, Room management, Housekeeping management, Accounting management, employee management for hotel staff and etc. These all features make this software complete solution and best thing is this is cloud base so you can operate multiple branches from single dashboard. This system is designed for offline and online hotel booking management. The seamless room booking functionality for online user with payment gateway integration is main attraction of software. You can easily set price for all rooms with percentage margin or price margin.

Hospitality industry is increasing day by day so it is necessary to manage your hotel with best software. You also need online booking facility for convenience of your guests and users. Online Room booking software plays a vital role for any hotel or Resort. At present majority people use smart phones and always prefer advance booking for hotel or resort for holidays. This software helps to create your online presence for your guests and they can easily check booking rate and room availability. It saves your man power and user pay online for room bookings so you can reserve rooms for advance booking and prepare your staff for the same. It also helps to get more customers of your outreach with show your hotel or rooms photograph on hotel booking website or portal.

At PixelAtom WEB DEVELOPER we developed hundreds of online room booking and hotel booking portal for our clients. Our experienced and enthusiastic programming team helps to create wonderful hotel management software for you. If you are looking for customized ERP software for hotel management and Room booking just send us your inquiry or call us on +919824890699 we will provide you end to end solution for it in affordable price.

Hotel Management Software

Features of Hotel Management Software

Admin panel modules and features

  • User management
  • Reservation/Booking Management
  • Customer Management
  • Front desk management
  • POS management
  • Inventory / Material management
  • Banquet & Conference Management
  • House Keeping Management
  • Hotel Accounting
  • Promotional Offers management

User Management

  • Manage Users
  • Active / Deactivate users
  • Manage User Types
  • Reports of All users activity

Reservation management

  • Get report of all reservation
  • Book room from website (Online)
  • Book room from reception desk
  • Find existing customer by mobile number for instant booking
  • Rate negotiation by % and guest
  • Auto send confirmation on SMS Or email
  • Manage Advance payment and deposit
  • Get report of monthly booking
  • Check Room Availability

Customer Management

  • Manage Customer / Guest Database
  • Filter Customers by city, phone, business category
  • Send promotional newsletter/SMS to guest group
  • Auto send Birthday / Anniversary SMS to customers
  • Send promotional codes and coupons to selected clients
  • Customer loyalty program management

Front Desk Management

  • Manage Booking
  • Check availability
  • Guest check in - check out
  • Print invoice for guest
  • Manage instant discount for selected guest
  • Create order for guests

POS Management

  • Generate Food orders for rooms / Guest
  • Cash order management
  • Manage travel and taxi for Guests
Hotel Management Software

Inventory / Material Management

  • Manage available stock in hotel
  • Manage grocery Stock
  • Manage Housekeeping stock
  • Store manager report
  • Monthly stock report
  • Available stock reports
  • Inward new stock by PO
  • Outward or usage report
  • Available Physical stock
  • Moderate or reorder quantity items report

Banquet & Conference Management

  • Banquet Availability by Date
  • Booking of Banquet
  • Cash Booking / Advance booking
  • Manage Banquet menu for particular date
  • Direct billing for banquet

House Keeping Management

  • Allot House keeper Rooms and service area
  • Daily report of all staff
  • Provided stock to staff report
  • Track report of every room like clean, under maintenance or not available

Hotel Accounting

  • Total Booking billing
  • Staff Payroll
  • Maintenance payable accounts
  • Grocery payable account
  • Online payment gateway reports

Promotional Offers Management

  • Create Promotional offers
  • Send Auto SMS to particular Customer Group
  • Auto send Newsletters to customers
  • WhatsApp marketing to customers
  • SMS marketing to customers

Booking Management

Manage available rooms and total booking reports by date and month from dashboard

Inventory Management

Check all available material inventory get low stock item report and generate PO for inward new items

Accounting Management

Accounting management for entire hotel/resort get all invoice and account receivable and payable report with ledger

Promotion/Offer Management

Attract more guests by create promotional activity of sending news letters, SMS, auto birthday wishes.

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